An integrated cloud-based end-to-end platform

What if you could quickly deploy a plug-and-play solution which could help you digitise rapidly, using your current technology stack, at far lower cost than other solutions? We offer a solution dimensioned to your needs, easily integratable with your current infrastructure while offering your customers greater flexibility and control, customisability, contextual offers and an OTT-like experience. Yes, we bring the intelligence of the network into the hands of the user. How can we do this?

Platform Features

The YALLLO platform provides a rich set of features that enables the mobile operator to focus on product propositions, partnerships and revenue generation while removing the cumbersome tasks of managing complex IT integration projects.

The core platform features are:

  • » Customer lifecycle management
  • » Product lifecycle management
  • » Product subscriptions
  • » Personalized offers
  • » Real-time charging & rating
  • » Customer 360 view
  • » E-Commerce
  • » Order Management
  • » Customer Analytics
  • » Social Integration
  • » Others

Best-in-class partners for a completely integrated offer

With Huawei for technology infrastructure and inter-operability, and Strategy& for commercial strategy advisory, go-to-market planning and programme management support, we bring a unified offering to the table.

Our additional partnerships in the areas of UI/UX design, social and digital media and analytics, content delivery,  last mile delivery for sales and distribution, e-commerce, overall business intelligence and more are also available if you need them… we’ve done all the work so you can tap into any or all of it on a turnkey basis.

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